1. Research

Subsidy exploration
Based on a preliminary subsidy scan, we ensure an initial selection of investments that qualify for an incentive scheme. We provide insight into relevant programs and give you an estimate of the success rate for your organization and project.

Collaboration proposal
If there are concrete subsidy opportunities, we schedule an inventory meeting. During this meeting, we explain the subsidy possibilities. Subsequently, you will receive an indicative subsidy analysis and a proposal regarding subsidy acquisition.

2. Applications

When a project is awarded, your contact person, together with one of our project managers, will initiate the project. Upon request, we prepare an advisory note that includes a description of the subsidy opportunities and an estimate of the benefits. We also establish the technical conditions that you can share with the project team. If necessary, we will explore any alternative plans that could lead to subsidy optimization.

Moreover, the submission deadlines are crucial. Being even a day late means the subsidy application will be rejected. We monitor the deadlines and inform you in advance about providing the necessary information. Submitting a proper subsidy application takes time. All procedures and legal requirements must be met. The correct documents must be submitted in full and according to guidelines.

3. Accountability

Deadline management
The project must also be completed on time. Naturally, you are responsible for ensuring that the project is realized according to the subsidy conditions. However, we can certainly assist with our experience in deadline management.

It is essential that the project is realized according to the conditions. This requires attention from you and your project partners. Both during the project and at its completion, there may be requests for reports or documentation to support the application. An auditor’s statement may be part of this.

Onze voordelen

Success rate of 96%

When it comes to subsidy applications, experience, focus, and knowledge matter. Applying for subsidies on your own carries the risk of errors. Often, we can determine in advance whether an application has a good chance of success.

You save time

There are numerous subsidy schemes. Subsidies are provided by various agencies, each with their own conditions and deadlines. Applying for subsidies is time-consuming. Our advisors take the work off your hands, allowing you to focus on the project's implementation.

Utilizing various schemes

We have experience with the application procedures and rules for subsidy requests. Sometimes, various incentive possibilities can be combined for different aspects of the project. This includes subsidies, fiscal incentive schemes, and low-interest loans. We assist in leveraging all financial benefits for the sustainability of your building.

You have one point of contact.

Van Draeckeburgh offers you the advantage of a single point of contact. Your advisor searches for suitable schemes on your behalf and is responsible for all your subsidy applications.

No cure, no pay

We operate on a 'no cure, no pay' basis. No subsidy means no costs. We only charge fees when you actually receive a granted subsidy. If you prefer to work on a fixed project fee or at a pre-agreed hourly rate, that is also possible.

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